How To Improve WordPress Performance

Looking for ways to improve and optimize your WordPress performance?

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How To Improve WordPress Perfomance

The internet today operates at a fast pace and the credit goes to the rapid improvement in technology and connection speeds.

People want fast internet and loading websites. Not only users but also the search engines.

So it is imperative to have fast loading website including a WordPress one.

As a website owner, you should regularly test and optimize WordPress performance and make improvements on a timely basis to provide enhanced user engagement.

And satisfy search engines’ speed requirements.

In this post, we will give you actionable tips on the best WordPress performance optimization tools and ideas to help you enhance your website performance.

The ideas and tricks will include:

  • Why using a good web hosting provider like the managed WP hosting company hosting this website( this hosting provider #1 voted hosting providers on multiple real people Facebook polling votes, used by Yoast SEOrecommended by WordPress, this website load fast under 1 second – you can see the result on Pingdom) & a performance score of 98-100% on Google Page Speed Insight with the help of their services. They also offer 24/7 customer support via phone, chat or ticket, free migration, 30 day money-back guaranteesfree email, daily backup without extra charge, etc) is the first step for optimal WP websites performance
  • The causes and tools for detecting performance issues
  • The plugins and tools for WP optimization
  • How to improve and optimize wordpress performance with both free and premium tools

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What Is WordPress Performance Optimization?

A WordPress website performance optimization usually refers to the enhancement and tweaking of a WordPress website to help its speed and security perform at an optimal level.

WP performance optimization is considered crucial since it helps with visitor retention, search engine ranking, and the trustworthiness of a site.

If you want your website to succeed then you need to hire an expert or learn ways to optimize WordPress speed, security, etc.

Why is WordPress Performance Optimization Important?

In today’s world, it seems like everyone is in a hurry and has reason to rush in their life.

In such a fast pacing world, where everyone wishes to have their demands fulfilled immediately or speedily, your website displaying its elements slowly would end up sending your website visitors and potential customers to another website that is faster.

We also live in a world with constant website hacking, so this makes us want to make sure that we visit a website that is secure so that our information stays safe.

Here are more reasons why optimizing your WordPress site performance is important:

  1. Customer loyalty is the most crucial factor that matters when it comes to website loading speed. Maybe your customers are too busy in their lives, be it personal or professional, they don’t have enough time to be loading a particular website again and again just because it is taking time to load. This would end up sending a potential customer to another website that provides a similar range of products or services that the customer is surfing for.
  2. User expectations and satisfaction is another important factor that is required to be considered while talking about website performance optimization. Contemplating the rapid optimization of technology, users now expect a certain website to properly load in not more than 2 seconds. The loading time matters since it directly influence the satisfaction level of visitors. So having a slow loading site is not a way to meet that expectation.
  3. Users today expect a fast and consistent online user experience and in case the website ends up not meeting their expectations, they straight forward abandon it and jump to another one.
  4. Generally, mobile users are considered to be more patient than desktop or laptop users since they have low internet speed. But with rapid improvement in connection speeds, now mobile users even expect their website loading time to be improved and have a better and reliable online experience while accessing mobile versions of web pages. Hence web designers and coders must consider offering more simple and lightweight mobile versions of websites with lesser images to be displayed to provide a more reliable and interactive platform so that even mobile users can access websites quickly providing a better and more interactive platform for them to access.
  5. Users expect safe websites that will protect their personal information. And with good website performance optimization, visitors will your site visitors will feel safe staying on your website.

Website owners must not neglect their WordPress site performance since it is the key to retaining their site visitors and thus enhancing customer loyalty since nobody has time for a slow-loading website.

Website security should also not be neglected since this affects speed too.  

A hacked website slows down a WordPress or any other type of website.

Tools For Detecting WP Performance Issues To Improve?

There are various testing tools available that assist you in detecting WordPress performance issues, thus making a better and improved platform for the users of your website.

These tools will provide you with a full-fledged picture of how well your website is performing and provide you with pragmatic recommendations on how to augment it.

These can be used individually or all in conjunction.

The website becomes clear and easy as this tool has a variety of features and options.

The key features of the GTmetrix tool are as follows: –

  • Provides a summary of key performance indicators such as Google Page Speed, Page Load Time, Total Page Size, Page’s performance concerning the average of all sites analyzed on this tool.
  • Keeps a track of website performance with supervising, graphs, and alerts.
  • Providing a facility for testing your web page from multiple regions.

  • Google PageSpeed Insight

    This tool assists you in making your web page swift on all devices. This is usually referred to as the brainchild of Google.

The key feature of this tool is that this web app provides a facility for testing WordPress Performance on your web page across a variety of devices including desktops, laptops, and even mobile devices.

Thus, making it the most useful tool if your customer is accessing your site from various screen sizes and multiple devices.

What it does and features are:

  • Examine the page load time, scrutinize it, and then find the bottlenecks is what this tool delivers.
  • This tool offers a full-fledged and cost-effective package for monitoring the WordPress performance of your website.
  • The best part is that they offer 24/7 customer care services accompanied by 70 global polling locations for testing.
  • The key feature of this testing tool is that this tool delivers you the facility of monitoring your websites’ uptime, performance, and the users’ interaction for a better and reliable online user experience.

Causes of Websites Performance Issues

There are various factors responsible for your WordPress performance and its interaction with the users.

Some of the significant factors that affect your WordPress performance are:

Your web host

One of the most important factors and foundation for a strong WP performance is to start with a good web host like Siteground: Siteground (with that link you will get 67% of your managed WordPress hosting plan).

Having a good website host first will allow your website to be a good foundation.

Once on a good foundation( the right web hosting plan and provider), you can then improve the performance with the tips and guides below

A good web hosting provider and plan will also help with your site security also.

Signup with the wrong hosting plan and/or bad provider and you will run the chance of getting your website hacked which will lead to its slowness and other performance issues.

Theme quality

You are deciding the theme for your WordPress, consider the fact it should be frothy, speedy, and idyllically pretty material.

Dilated themes are considered a disadvantage when it comes to the optimization of a website.

Website size

Huge sites are loaded swiftly if accompanied by the precise kind of hosting plans.

To lessen the overall size of your website, certain optimization steps are to be undertaken.

Preference of plugins

Additional content that is not designed to be displayed, the plugins allow the web browser to display that additional content.

In case you wish to add on the must-have features, then plugins are preferred.

In case, your website has too many dilated, sluggish, or non-updated plugins this can slow down your site thus increasing the loading time of the website.

Hacked website

If your website is hacked, then this typically leads to your website loading slowly, being offline, and not being safe for others to browse.

For Best WordPress Performance Optimization Start With A Good Web Host

There are many tools you can use to enhance and optimize a WordPress performance but a good web hosting plan with a great hosting company is the first line of defense.

Top WP Web Hosting Is The #1 Tool For Optimal WP Performance

Before the implementation of other WordPress performance optimization options available, a good web host must be taken into consideration first.

A good web host is a foundation for a well-performing WordPress website.

Hosting refers to the service that permits organizations and individuals to post a webpage or a website onto the internet.

Some certain technologies and services are required to get the website or a webpage to be viewed on the Internet.

The question might arise in your mind why is web hosting that much important for website performance optimization?

How does this affect the Page Loading Speed?

Whenever a user browses through a website and tries to load a page and the website loads swiftly and displays the content quickly, this delivers a better and more reliable online user-end experience.

Upgradation of your web hosting plan and/or with the right provider would definitely assist you in enhancing the website loading time and optimizing your website performance.

Your website might load slowly because of multiple users accessing that particular website at a single point in time.

Below are some of the web hosting providers as first-line performance tools whose services can help tremendously with your WordPress site performance.

They are:

1). SiteGround

Siteground fast web hosting services and performance tools are crafted for the optimal optimization and performance of a WordPress website.

The key Siteground hosting features, benefits, other reasons to use them for WordPress performance are:-

  • Constantly voted #1 or top 5 on many social media voting polls or recommendation of WordPress hosting companies to use
  • Recommended by WordPress
  • Ultra-fast hosting

As discussed earlier, the website loading time is a key essential factor that can significantly stimulate both your search engine visibility and your websites’ conversion rates.

These two factors are considered crucial if you want your site to be visited by various users and thus generate revenue for your business.

Siteground provides one of the fastest plugins ( Siteground Optimizer) that help with speed optimization( caching, minify, inlining, etc)

  • Used by Yoast the developers of the number of SEO plugin Yoast
  • Daily Backup
  • Free Installation
  • Free SSL
  • Free Migration
  • Multi-language customer support via 24/7 live chat, email, and ticketing
  • Two Stevie Awards For Customer Services
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Free email
  • Free CDN
  • Free WP Autoupdate
  • Dynamic Caching (GrowBig and up)
  • Free professional site transfer (GrowBig & up)
  • Unlimited websites ( GrowBig & GoGeek)
  • Unlimited database

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Best Plugins for WordPress Security, Speed, and Database Optimization

Below are some of the best WP performance plugins that speed up and secure your websites.

 Security Tools & Plugins

The level of popularity WordPress is having on the world’s leading CMS and the popularity it is gaining makes it a popular choice for hackers.

Even though at its core, WordPress provides top-notch security, but still the massive traffic and the ecosystem of plugins make it more and more susceptible to loopholes that lead to hacking.

As a matter of fact, 52% of reported WordPress security vulnerabilities are related to WordPress plugins.

So to prevent any harm in the future, it’s better and is recommended to use a WordPress Security Plugin.

So below are some recommended WordPress Security Plugins that one can use against security risks.

The most important feature of using WordPress Security Plugin is that one gets access to additional features that WordPress doesn’t have in its setup.

The additional features include:

  • Malware Scanning
  • Regular security scans, monitoring, and notifications
  • Overall Security management

Normally the website owners tend to risk the security of the WordPress Websites until it’s too late.

As the old saying also signifies ‘Prevention is better than cure’, therefore, rather than cleaning up the mess later on, it is recommended to be cautious by using a WordPress security plugin.

One of the most popular security plugins offered by WordPress possesses the easiest configuration not expecting its users to possess technical skills to access.

It provides you with a unique grading system that highlights and emphasizes the areas which are protected and the areas which require improvements.

The key features that will improve security are:-

  1. Securing your user accounts
  2. Safeguarding the WordPress databases
  3. Blacklisting certain websites or IP Addresses indicating security threats

The topmost free WordPress Security Plugin available is WordFence Security.

It outshines safeguarding your site from brute force cracking, real-time security monitoring, blacklisted sites, and IP Addresses.

Plus, adding a firewall to your website further enhances and optimizes the security level.

It further offers you a massive database of felonious websites and IP addresses, which are automatically blocked from retrieving your site.

Sucuri Security is an entirely free WordPress Security plugin that assists you in monitoring the performance of your site regularly further enhancing and optimizing the prevailing levels of security.

You only need to install the plugin and the application would automatically begin skimming the infected files, sources from where security risks might arise, malware scanning, and much more.

JetPack Plugin by WordPress safeguards your site from brute force cracking and illicit logins.

This provides you an additional facility of backups of your whole site either once daily or in real-time.

This security plugin offers you a unique and distinguishing facility of Auto-Installing Free SSL Certificate.

This plugin functions on cPanel.

The Best Performance Optimization Plugins & Tools for Speed

One of the important WordPress performance optimizations one needs to do is speed optimization.

And one of the fasted ways to do this is through Cache plugins.

The WordPress Caching Plugins assist you in speeding up your WordPress site and boosting its performance.

Caching allows the WordPress site to make a replica of the web page already presented and then deliver the same to the subsequent user, thus reducing the load on the WordPress hosting servers thus allowing you to skip a lot of steps.

The best WordPress plugin available for speed optimization allows you to instantly store your website with a single click.

It automatically and frequently fetches the pages to develop up the cache.

It further provides you with certain additional features that a user can turn on to optimize the speed of the website.

Search Engine Optimization and user interaction are improved by using the W3 Total Cache as a Caching Plugin.

This increases website performance, further lessening the loading time making it user-friendly.

Improvements in conversion rates, site’s ranking in search engine result as well as site’s rank on Google is yet another key feature of this caching plugin.

The caching features that are required to haste up your website are available with WP Super Cache Plugin.

The features include advanced-cache preload, gzip compression, cache pre-loading, page cache, and CDN support.

It includes a wide-ranging settings section with a solitary tab for a simple setup.

Award-Winning Image Optimizer is one of the top plugins for compressing images without a drop in quality.

Most image compression tools and plugins destroy image quality but with WP Smush, every image you upload or those already in existence on your site are methodically optimized without losing quality.

The Best Plugins for WordPress Database Optimization

When you optimize your WordPress database constantly it helps with securing and speeding up your site pages.

To optimize WP performance by cleaning the database use the following plugins:

This plugin delivers you the ability to clean up the database, compress the images, and cache your site simply and efficiently.

  • Cleaning and optimization of database
  • An alternative of compressing your images
  • Caching to ensure super-swift load times

This is one of the must-have plugins for any WordPress performance optimization project.

The moment a plugin is installed, a table automatically gets added to your database.

Even after a plugin is deactivated, the tables are often left in the database itself.

Plugin Garbage Collector allows you to check your database and make sure that it is cleaned.

It deletes plugin garbages left behind when you delete a plugin.

Cleanup not only ensures the optimization of the performance of your website rather it makes sure that all the obsolete data is being cleaned up from your site database.

This tool confirms maximum efficiency by automatically cleaning up your database.

The deletion of orphaned items is what makes this plugin unique and distinguished from others.

This plugin assists you in providing a full-fledged review of what is going on in your database.

This automatically provides you with all the unused items kept on your database whose deletion is required.

Final Thoughts On How To Improve WordPress Websites Performance With & Without Plugins

Website performance optimization is inclusive of various features such as security, speed, database, and many more.

There are WordPress performance test tools to help detect and analyze the areas that require improvement.

And then there are plugins and other tools to help with the enhancement of a WP performance.

Bottom line is that one should constantly improve and work on a WordPress website for the best performance.